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When we are flexible, we are free to flow with our body and mind in a way that yields to less stress, pain and restrictions and creates more peace, joy and freedom.

Developing your Fitness Legacy Pillar is one of the greatest gifts you can pass on to the next generation. I've experienced this firsthand as I grew up watching my mother's fitness journey. She taught me to value my body through nutrition and exercise which created a generational legacy of self-respect, self-awareness and personal discipline. It was her fitness legacy that laid the foundation for the mindset I grew into at age 45, allowing me to accomplish my personal flexibility goals and increasing my quality of life far more than I could have ever imagined. It is never too late to start developing the behavior that will build your legacy!

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noun: flexibility

  • the quality of bending easily without breaking.

  • the ability to be easily modified.

  • willingness to change or compromise.


Join The Flexibility Freedom Community

with Certified Mindset and Flexibility Coach, Marcella Mollon-Williams

If you have stiff hamstrings, tight hips, or a locked-up spine, the Science of Stretching® approach to flexibility training can effectively and systematically create more space in the body you live in.

Science of Stretching® Benefits:

  • Relieve back, neck and shoulder pain

  • Learn to move like a younger version of yourself

  • Protect and care for your joints

  • Build long, strong supporting tissues

  • Enjoy the sports and activities you love

  • Feel the youthful freedom of a flexible body

  • Squat bum to heels without discomfort

  • Interlace your hands behind your back with straight arms

  • Sit school-style with your knees on the floor

​This system is taught to students of all levels, including complete beginners and students with injuries. Our goal is to re-establish basic range of motion (ROM), not to learn contortion or pretzel poses. The benefits of a long, limber body go way beyond yoga poses: flexibility improves your posture, reduces pain, reduces the chances of injury and allows you to move like a younger version of yourself

No experience required, super stiff people always welcome :)

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