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Marcella is the perfect speaker for your next Personal and Professional Development Conference. Her unique understanding of human behavior and how it relates to discipline and decision making in finance and fitness, along with her engaging presentation style, makes her a draw among attendees.

Sample Speaking Topics

  • Developing A L.E.G.A.C.Y. Building Mindset  

  • Finances, Fear and Failure - How to move past the guilt and shame surrounding money mistakes and gain financial confidence

  • Re:Set - Rebuilding Your Financial Peace of Mind - through a pandemic, market crash, and the next disaster.


  • Family Reunions

  • Corporate Retreats

Marcella also creates customized speeches for specialized events.

  • Marriage Conference

    • Money & Marriage: The Keys to Developing a Divorce-Free Home

  • Entrepreneurship & Wealth Creation Conference

    • Master Your Money Mindset

  • Holistic Development Conference

    • Living In Financial Alignment

  • Professional Development Conference

    • Is A Scarcity Mindset Holding You Back?

"She has a way of making you feel like she really cares."

Event Attendee

Contact Me

Office: 866-664-6711 ext. 23

For additional information on any of my services, please contact me using the form below.

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