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The Retirement Dessert

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a financial conference in Dallas, Texas and reconnecting with some colleagues that I have not seen in some time. On one particular evening, a group of us had dinner together at a popular restaurant know for their great steaks. There were so many steaks to choose from on the menu, it took us a little time to

decide. Two colleagues, “John” and Paul”‘ eventually ordered 20oz Fire Grilled peppercorn T-bone steaks topped with fried onion straws. Another colleague, “Bob” ordered a 6oz sirloin with a side of spinach and mashed potatoes. Upon completing his meal, Bob ordered dessert. When Bob received his

. John and Paul, completely stuff after devouring their steaks, looked at Bob’s dish and said “that’s a smart guy. Why didn’t we do that?”

This is a great example of how so many of us are mesmerized by life’s menu of consumable goods without financially preparing for what is still to come. We can still enjoy what life has to offer today and properly prepare for the future by (1) taking a good look at what you want your future to look like.(i.e. desired annual income, exotic travel destinations, time spent with loved ones, volunteering, etc.). While everyone else was focused on the dinner menu, Bob was checking out the dessert menu. Once he saw what he liked he then, (2) based his current decision upon a future desire. Bob chose to select a smaller yet delicious and satisfying meal to leave room for a pleasurable desert. By taking the time today to carefully map out your desired retirement goals, you will open yourself to a menu of satisfying options with room for your retirement dessert.

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